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The Essential Nutrition product line seeks to recover the systemic view of health, the importance of nutrition, regular exercise and good habits as a basis for a healthy life.


With this philosophy and the excellent flavour of our products, Essential Nutrition has become the top functional nutrition company in Brasil actively working with 10,000+ doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers.

Our formulas combine natural ingredients with science and technology. Our labels are made to be able to easily understand whats in our products and what's not.


Our products are free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorants, gluten, addition of sugar and lactose. Instead, we add only the best proteins, vitamins, amino-acids and minerals in their ideal ratios, thus enabling better absorption.

If you share these same ideals with regards to nutrition, register here and gain first hand knowledge of our new products, receiving important scientific studies for your daily clinical practice as well as personal support from our team.

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